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Language Modules

Currently our Phrase Modules are available in the following languages:

Americas Western Europe

Eastern Europe

Asia Pacific

English (US)
Canadian French (CA)
Portuguese (BR)
Spanish (MX)

Danish (DK)
Dutch (NL)
Finnish (FI)
French (FR)
German (DE)
Greek (GR)
Italian (IT)
Maltese (MT)
Norwegian (NO)
Portuguese (PT)
Spanish (ES)
Swedish (SE)

Bulgarian (BG)
Croatian (HR)
Czech (CZ)
Estonian (EE)
Hungarian (HU)
Latvian (LV)
Lithuanian (LT)
Polish (PL)
Romanian (RO)
Russian (RU)
Serbian (SR)
Slovenian (SI)
Slovakian (SK)
Turkish (TR)

Chinese [Simplified] (CN-S)
Chinese [Traditional] (CN-T)
Japanese (JP)
Korean (KR)
Malay (MY)
Thai (TH)
Vietnamese (VN) 

Note:  Additional languages are available upon request. Call for pricing!




Each language module consists of over 1400 EU and U.S. Titles and the recommended GHS, ANSI and OSHA phrases used in authoring Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and Hazardous Labels.

Call (719) 647-0682 for pricing. 

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